Eye Vision – Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Eye vision is one of the most neglected things in this busy-life world. However, continuing negligence of your eyes can land you in deep trouble and discomfort. This article is all about tips for protecting your eyes.

Protecting your eyes can be one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself. This is simply because even the thought of working without eyes is painful and it is best to protect them rather than regretting after losing or struggling to have them. Let us gain complete access to some invaluable insights about eye care to keep them in good shape. Some of the best eye care tips followed by you can include putting the television set in a place free of glare and supported by translucent lamp shades. If you are an avid reader, please make sure that light is coming in a way that does not put any burden on your eyes. In case you spend enough time working on computers or laptops, do make it a habit to take breaks on frequent intervals and get engaged in some eye care and body relaxation techniques to work effectively without any troubles.

If you are participating in professional sports, do not forget to use sports-specific eyewear to stay away from any sports related accidents. In case you are experiencing abnormalities such as blurring, fuzziness, headache, eye strain, concentration problems, decrease in side vision, or double eye vision, do not make any delays in visiting a qualified eye specialist. Even if you have not faced any of these problems by now, do make it a point to visit (and if possible, take every one of your family members) your eye specialist at regular intervals so that any symptoms can be identified and treated at an earlier stage. These small yet highly beneficial tips can surely help you create and maintain a ‘protective shield’ to protect your most valuable assets.

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Exercise to Get Better Eye Vision

The problem of poor eyesight can be fixed by a series of eye exercises. This is not impossible. You can image the ancient people who do not have eyeglasses and contact lenses still have 20/20 vision. The miracle is achieved by regular exercise.

There are two famous eye exercises to get better eye vision in an effective way.

The first is carried out by a chopstick and a pencil. Place the pencil and chopstick at an angle, have your eyes travel along the stick in a horizontal direction to the intersection, then up to the pencil in the vertical direction, then do the opposite action, that is to make your eyes travel from the vertical pencil to the horizontal chopstick. After one complete travel, put the pencil closer to your nose and repeat the above action. Do the action several times. This is a good way to encourage good vision.

The second is carried out by two chopsticks. Hold one chopstick straight about 4 inches away and the other chopstick straight at arm’s length. Focus on the far chopstick and gradually slide it closer until it looks as if the near chopstick is split into two while the far one in coming to you. Then transform your view from the far chopstick to the near one in front of you. In that case you can also see the far chopstick is separated into two. Practice the looking far and near action repeatedly until you can see each chopstick clearly and feel as if each one is framed by vertical “gates”. If the eye exercise is perfectly done, you can realize that you have good eyesight. Even if you can not finish the work well at once, after practicing for several times, your eye vision must be enhanced in the end.

Besides the above well-known two eye exercise, there are other eye exercises taking effect, too, such as playing tennis and cricket. Imagination is also beneficial to eyesight by the way of make full use of memory and imagination to make any mental picture.

We can see the world clearly by both of our two eyes, and one eye can not work well. So a right use of two eyes is very important. A lot of people use only one eye to see the world, resulting in the decay of the unused eye. We learn to see after birth. If eyes do not see very often, they may form the habit of laziness and inactivity. Therefore, we should use both eyes in a proper way to get better eyesight. Practice the exercise after a long period, you may find you can see the world better than before without help of eyeglasses.

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